Why learn a new language?

One language is never enough!

“Huh? Eeh? What? Come again?” Are you feeling dumb when listening to a foreign friend? And wanting to travel the world but afraid to be misconstrued? Or desiring to know what the stars in foreign films and programs are saying?

“Question marked face” (brows meet, wrinkles show and mouth wide-open), commonly seen when a person doesn’t understand the other person is telling. How to avoid that? Well, this is now the time that you should learn more than one language so that you could really understand what others are trying to say. Why not explore and learn more? It is more fun when you’re multilingual. Reflect about the people and the places you could get to know, foreign books and news dailies you could read, and films and TV programs from other countries that you could understand. How fun is that?

Learn different languages and you’ll definitely receive lots of benefits. In learning a certain language, you can also learn the culture of the people speaking it. Thus, you’re not only learning the language alone but also their way of life. Your knowledge to different languages gives you wider opportunities. One of which specifically in your job career is that you would have a greater edge to be assigned abroad by your employer because you know more languages compared to others. Would you allow this opportunity to just disappear because you don’t know other language? Think for your benefit, contemplate for a brighter future.

Instead of spending a lot of cash for new gadgets, why not enrol and study different languages? Gadgets can be destroyed but the languages you’ve learned cannot. Your money won’t be gone to waste and assures you a better understanding of the world around you.
The world is big and there is so much for us to explore. Don’t just settle for one because one language is never enough for a big world.

Which language should I learn?

The more languages you know the better, but you need to spend some time and money in order for you to exceptionally learn. With this, it is important to know the languages you should learn first.

Decide on what to study. You should decide properly the languages that you would study; you cannot learn all languages in the world in just one snap. Best is to educate yourself to languages like ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, JAPANESE OR CHINESE. But it also depends on your personal interests and plans for the future. If you cannot decide, just ask us. We can help you.

Why study at My Language Cafe?

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