Learn Multiple Languages in One Stop in Cebu City!

It's increasingly becoming common for a person to know more than one language. This is associated with many advantages such as making it easy for you to move in different places without difficulties. Learning foreign languages in Cebu City, Philippines has never been made more convenient like it has now. This is all thanks to My Language Café!

Languages Offered

We like to respond to what the market is saying. This is why we have selected the three major languages spoken in most parts of the world apart from English which is a primary. This three include German, Spanish and French. We have also recently introduced Japanese, Korean and Mandarin. These are at the top ten most spoken languages in the world, and therefore it gives you such an advantage.

Our Exclusive Product

We are really proud of the quality classes we give our customers; however there is one exclusive service we offer that is really amazing. We are now teaching German to Filipino nurses and assist them with the job application process. This is their chance to successfully secure a job abroad.

Class Time

The school is open all working days (Mon-Sat). However we would not like to dictate and fix the times of study due to different students time schedules. That is why we like to know every student's available time. In this way we can be able to bring in a group of students during their most convenient time.

Target Market

People from all sort of life who would like to learn foreign languages are prime candidates for us. This could include college students, people in their 20's or 30's, call center agents and people married to foreigners who want to master their partner's language and so on.

Advantage Over Others

When we started back in 2011 we envisioned and anticipated the need for our services. This is why apart from teaching a language we also teach the culture of these languages. All this is also done by a team of highly motivated staff members.

Feedback / Testimonials

October 28, 2015
"It has been a long and challenging Journey but the Success tastes so sweet.Thank u My Language Cafe for all the learnings and for believing in me. Because of you I am one more step closer towards achieving what my heart desires."- Jermaine Gara

April 21, 2015
"Ich habe es geschafft. 90/90. Next step, B1. Special thanks also to my first Deutschlehrerin Cynthia Becker. You taught me not to pass exams but to actually understand and learn the language." - Mitz Saur

November 25, 2014
"Hola! Ive been one of the student in this cafe months ago before i fly to Spain i enroll spanish class and it is really helping me alot:) the staff and teachers are freindly & professional.I do recommend this to everyone.who are willing to learn foreign languages.this choice is for you.muchas gracias! Salud!" - Benefe Canete

September 4, 2014
"VIELEN DANK MY LANGUAGE CAFE Ich habe die Prüfung SD1 bestanden danke auch für unsere Lehrerin Miss Mary Lou Becker und Miss Cynthia Becker."- Gan Skie

July 5, 2014
"To Prof. Victor: Thanks a lot." and "muchas gracias! estaré de vuelta pronto:)"- June Lukas Romero

January 31, 2014
"Thank you so much guys... Especially for bearing with the schedule. You are the best Language school here in Cebu!!" - Mitz Saur

February 19, 2013
"Thank you so much for being the best Spanish teacher EVER and for making this class so much fun! Gracias will never be enough! Besos, Marie Liu"

November 21, 2012
"Merci Beaucoup/ Muchas Gracias/ Thank you Ms. Cynthia Baker"- Jade Trece Redulosa

April 19, 2012
"I'm glad I met teacher Cynthia Becker, she is very inspiring. She really has her heart in the language and is determined to offer her best to her students. She is very patient and attentive and uses a wide range of tools to teach. She is one of those teachers that you know really cares and does her best to help you understand. I was one of her students last year 2011, I'm really lucky I have a German teacher like her..! I would highly recommend for anyone starting out with the language or looking to return after a break from learning..Ma'am, I salute you.. Thank you so much. Vielen Dank. Mabuhay My Language Café Cebu..!"- Sandra Tero